Ilhan Omar, Anne Mavity, and Chris Meyer Endorse Irene Fernando for Hennepin County Commissioner - District 2


January 4, 2018

Lauren Buckley

JANUARY 4, 2018 HENNEPIN COUNTY  — Today, State Representative Ilhan Omar, District 60B, St. Louis Park City Council Member Anne Mavity, Ward 2 and,  Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board Commissioner Chris Meyer, District 1 announced their endorsements of Irene Fernando for Hennepin County Commissioner in District 2.  

“Irene impressed me from the first time we met,” said Ilhan Omar. “She is an experienced leader who is purposefully reshaping the status quo.” Ilhan went on to say that the non-profit Irene co-founded, “brings qualified young workers to Minnesota – a few have been important players on my staff. Irene’s youth development lens will be valuable to the county’s approach to youth services and job training.”

Anne Mavity added, “Her leadership and vision will help shape a positive future for every resident in Hennepin County. Already she has created a nonprofit that has empowered young people to act, she has implemented a framework for corporate leadership development, and she has built powerful and impactful coalitions.” She added, “Hennepin County needs these skills, this connection with the community and Irene’s irrepressible energy. She will be a valuable addition to the County Board.”

Chris Meyer said, “Irene has a proven track record of creating programs and initiatives that are both people-centric and solution oriented. Her commitment to investing in this country’s future is something we both feel passionately about.” Specifically, on where they align, Meyer stated, “From her experience in youth leadership and development, and her desire to invest in transit, bicycle, and pedestrian infrastructure, Irene will be a new and necessary addition to the Commission. I look forward to working with her.”

“I am thrilled to receive these endorsements,” said Irene. “These elected officials are resourceful and brilliant in their own rights. Enacting progress at multiple levels of government, each is essential to changing our current systems.” Fernando stated, “I am both inspired and energized by their actions and I look forward to contributing to the work they’re doing.”  

Irene Fernando, a Harrison neighborhood resident and University of Minnesota graduate, is a candidate for Hennepin County Commissioner in District 2. The co-founder of a youth leadership non-profit headquartered in Minneapolis, Irene is also a Bush Foundation Fellow and has taught social entrepreneurship at St. Mary’s University. Currently, she works within a newer division at Thrivent Financial leading around organizational design, culture and talent. Irene continues to contribute to the community through multiple board and volunteer roles as well.