Sandy Vargas Endorses Irene Fernando for Hennepin County Commissioner - District 2

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Today, Sandy Vargas, former Hennepin County Administrator, announced her endorsement of Irene Fernando for Hennepin County Commissioner in District 2.

“Irene Fernando will be a welcome new voice to the Hennepin County Board! Her experience in both non-profit and corporate sectors prepares her well for a county that is large, complex, and diverse," Vargas said. “She is thoughtful, strategic, and highly skilled and will bring a fresh new perspective to this important policy role. One that affects the lives of over a million people. I am personally excited about her candidacy as Hennepin County Commissioner and the possibility of her representing me on the County Board.”

After receiving the endorsement, Irene responded with the following statement, “I am truly humbled to receive Sandy’s support. She is an excellent example of someone who has paved a path where there was none, and I am grateful to her and so many others for paving the way for me. Among her many roles in our community, she has served as County Administrator, the position that works most directly with the County Commission. As a result, she has a unique view into what makes a successful County Commissioner, and Sandy’s confidence in me only motivates me more to serve our communities in this new way." 

Irene Fernando, a Harrison neighborhood resident and University of Minnesota graduate, is a candidate for Hennepin County Commissioner in District 2. The co-founder of a youth leadership non-profit headquartered in Minneapolis, Irene is also a Bush Foundation Fellow and has taught social entrepreneurship at St. Mary’s University. Currently, she works at Thrivent leading around organizational design, culture, and talent. Irene continues to contribute to the community through multiple board and volunteer roles as well.


Lauren Buckley