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Best equipped to deliver change, foster innovation, and achieve a more equitable County.

I am a community-centered leader with 15 years of experience. I started my career as a social entrepreneur, giving me insight into the experience of small businesses and startups. Since then I have served on boards, taught at the college level, and been in leadership at a Fortune 500 company, earning me expertise in cross-sector partnerships and complex organizations accountable to a wide range of people.

I’m running to increase visibility, transparency, and accountability; to create new pathways for community engagement; and to advance equity across the County.

We deserve vibrant communities—we must ensure affordable housing and prevent homelessness, strengthen child welfare and protection services, increase community wealth and quality of life, and prioritize restorative criminal justice reform.


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"When we don’t explicitly focus on equity, we implicitly increase economic and racial disparities."

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Where is Hennepin County District 2?

The district includes the cities of Golden Valley, Medicine Lake, southeast Plymouth, St. Anthony, and north and northeast Minneapolis, including the North Loop and Bryn Mawr neighborhoods.  Find your district here.


"In the face of outrage­ous circumstan­ces, we are called to fight for the common good."

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